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Where You Can (and Can't) Openly Carry Your Star Wars Weapons

via Facebook/AlamoAustin

The premiere is here.

Tonight, the latest installment of the “Star Wars” saga hits theaters. Sure, Texas – and the galaxy far, far away, for that matter – are both pretty lax with regulating weapons in public places, but some fans won’t be brandishing their blasters or lighting up their sabers ahead of the film’s opening scroll in light of theater shootingsin the last few years.

Here’s a roundup of Austin-area theater policies.

Alamo Drafthouse – The Austin-based chain is one of the few to allow cosplayers to come out in full force, allowing attendees to bring lightsabers and blasters and don masks at "Force Awakens" screenings if they do, or do not, choose to do so. After receiving a "Jabba-sized" amount of questions, Alamo said on Facebook attendees could "cosplay [their] hearts out," but reminded folks that disruptive cosplayers would be removed, as per their policy.

Regal Cinemas – Lightsabers, blasters and masks aren't allowed in showings at Regal theaters. So, if you're attending a showing, don't count on asking yourself where Boba Fett is when you sit down.

AMC Theatres – Allow cosplay, these theaters will – to an extent. AMC says it doesn't "permit weapons or items that would make other guests feel uncomfortable." No blasters, no masks and no facepaint. You can bring lightsabers, however.

Cinemark – As @Red5Aggie points out, would-be Sith lords may find the chain's lack of faith in dark side-centric costumes disturbing. No masks, no blasters, no lightsabers and no face paint.


Bob Bullock – The museum that houses the biggest screen in Texas is asking fans to leave their props at home. The theater will allow costumes, but says their "space cannot accommodate large items" like lightsabers and other props. 

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