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Read by Ebony Stewart

My life they would never understand.

I’m happy and enjoying every moment,

But they change my life to the next broke down poor black girl story—they’re shocked when its different from the one they sold me.

Well I’m sorry that my life doesn’t equal to your stereotypes.

I’m me, and I’m different,

You call me black, but last time I remembered when I came out of my mother’s womb, I didn’t say “Hey everybody, my name is Black,” nor was I named that,

So you shouldn’t label me by my appearances or my abilities or disabilities.

I am me and you will never know how beautiful my life was or ever will be.

They say whites are #1 because their skin hasn’t been kissed by the sun and because they don’t have more melanin in their skin; neither my brown skin nor kinky hair determines me.

The choices aren’t based off of my color, but my color is based on the kiss of the sun.

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