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Driving to School

Read by Rabbi Neil Blumofe

Driving along in the morning sun,

The streets are already full of cars,

Window down, wind whistling in my ear

I can hear the leaves and concrete crack

As my car’s tires roll over them.

There are little kids walking on the sidewalk,

Going on their own path to their own futures.

We pass joggers, bikers, even a few swimmers,

All moving swiftly like busy bees in a hive.

Downtown the skyscrapers glisten,

A galactic lightbulb

Shining brightly in my eyes

and we are almost there.

More construction, more houses, more cars

And I can’t help but wonder

Where are they all headed?

Highway systems like veins and arteries

Pumping so many different journeys

To school or work

or unimagined places of the heart.

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