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Poetry is powerful.

Powerful as the deadly flight of a hungry falcon,

the majestic roaring of waterfalls,

the enormous roar of a free tiger.

Poetry is entertaining.

Entertaining as the hilarity of everything when you’re tired,

as your brother when he tries to show off in front of his friends,

as the ridiculously cheesy movies that still make us cry.

Poetry is magical.

Magical as the whisper of the wind on a cold winter night,

as  the sparkles that you never quite see in the corner of your eye,

as the heavenly taste of the delightful confection called chocolate.

Poetry is inspirational.

Inspirational as seeing a child try her best to fix this fractured world,

as witnessing someone making the impossible possible,

as knowing that there is still some good left in the world.

Poetry is powerful,




and so much more.

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