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Justin Sherburn Builds a 'Time Machine'

"This is the most ambitious production I've ever done," says Justin Sherburn of his new multimedia project The Time Machine. "It's definitely combining music and theater in a way that's new for me," he says, adding "the shows I've done in the past have been mostly music oriented with slight multimedia, [but] this is a full-on multimedia experience."

The show grew out of Sherburn's longstanding fascination with synthesizers. "I just always thought it'd be fun to... basically use a time machine as a theme to explore sythesizers.

In the sci-fi themed show, Sherburn and his band will journey through the 20th century, starting in Austin and moving through the decades and across the planet. Visual designer Stephen Fishman will manipulate an animation sequence live during the show, projecting images onto and around the band. "It makes it look like the band is actually immersed in this machine," Fishman says.

Creating a show this ambitious, with an artistic team this large, has been a learning experience for Sherburn. "You have to make a space for artists to do their thing and hope for the best," he says. "You can't control people. You have just look at what they've done in the past and say 'they are very talented at what they do,' and let them do their thing. And they did. And I've been very surprised and pleasantly surprised by what they've done."

The Time Machine runs January 13 - 15 at the Long Center. You can also be part of the show by submitting your own photos at the Time Machine site.">The Time Machine from">Justin Sherburn on Vimeo.

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