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SXSW Ones to Watch: Lizzo

Martin do Nascimento

All this week, KUTX profiles the Ones To Watch—seven must-see artists at SXSW 2017.

Lizzo is a rapper and singer out of Minneapolis, but her musical roots stretch back to Houston, where rapping wasn’t her first choice. “I am a huge music nerd, music geek,” Lizzo recently told KUTX’s Laurie Gallardo. “I studied flute and played piccolo in high school marching band in Houston. So this rapping thing was like, secondary, and now it’s taken me to a place where I never thought I could go, or where the flute could ever take me.”

Lizzo’s unique style has taken her from recording at Bon Iver’s studio to tours with Sleater-Kinney. Her music carries a social message too: it’s body-positive, it’s feminist, and it’s simply joyful.

Listen to our feature below, hosted by Jody Denberg and produced by Art Levy.


Lizzo at SXSW 2017:

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