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StoryCorps is returning — virtually this time — to Austin. The StoryCorps Military Voices Initiative invites you to honor a veteran in your life by listening to their stories. Recordings will run from June 14 - 25, and reservations can be made here.StoryCorps’ Military Voices Initiative is made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Longtime Friends On Work, Feminism And Raising Teenagers


The StoryCorps mobile booth is in Austin this January, and we’re bringing you some of the stories that are being recorded there. Locally recorded stories will air Monday and Wednesday mornings during Morning Edition and archived here.

Melinda Cantu and Coni Huntsman Stogner are longtime best friends and also co-vice presidents at the SAFE Alliance, which was created when SafePlace and the Austin Children’s Shelter merged about a year ago. They recently sat down in the StoryCorps mobile booth to talk about their work, their children, and what it means for them to be feminists in 2018.


This piece was produced for KUT by Michael Lee with interviews recorded at StoryCorps, a national nonprofit with a mission to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.

Thank you to our sponsors of StoryCorps' visit to Austin: Cap Metro and We Are Blood

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