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The Best Songs Ever ... This Week, Aug. 3, 2018

Gabriel C. Pérez
Caroline Rose poses after performing in studio at KUTX in March.

The staff at our sister station KUTX scour the earth to bring listeners the best music. Each Friday, they share three of their favorite songs on Morning Edition.

"Bikini" by Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose is one of my favorite artists right now, and her album Loner, which came out a few months ago, is definitely my favorite album of 2018 so far. My favorite song on that one is called "Bikini." It's her surf-rock, riot grrrl anthem, and it speaks out against the patriarchy in the entertainment industry. It's fun, it's only two-and-a-half minutes long, and it's just energy, energy, energy from beginning to end.

"Los Lonely Girls" by Sweet Spirit

For this next one, we're going to bring it back home to Austin with the newest single from Sweet Spirit, "Los Lonely Girls." While "Bikini" is a razor-tongued pro-female anthem, this one is softer, it's nicer, it's about being friends. It's about not letting society, fashion magazines and toxic masculinity tear us apart and make us fight. This is the perfect summer song – it's sunny, it's bright, it's Sweet Spirit.

"Boyish Wave" by Wild Moccasins

For this last one, we're going to keep it in the Lone Star State but kick it over to Houston with Wild Moccasins. Their song "Boyish Wave" is a synth-pop dance anthem, and it's got a good message too. The song is about stripping away the myriad of dating stigmas pushed by society, like taking into account how many sexual partners someone's had or why their previous relationships haven't worked out. And if you like this song, you can catch Wild Moccasins at Cheer Up Charlie's tomorrow.

Produced by Art Levy

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