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Each month we spotlight a local nonprofit that's in need of help. It's a way to connect our listeners with charities that make an impact.

Get Involved Spotlight: United Way For Greater Austin

From United Way For Greater Austinthis month's Get Involved spotlight organization:  

Our Mission

We bring people, ideas and resources together to fight poverty in our community

Our Vision

A Thriving Community for All.

Since 1924, United Way for Greater Austin has been dedicated to providing families and individuals in need with the tools and resources needed to thrive.

United Way for Greater Austin brings people, ideas and resources together to fight poverty in our community. Together with community leaders and partners, we’re leading the charge to create sustainable and lasting solutions to poverty and the cycle that holds people in it.

Our volunteer action team offers something for everyone, ranging from one-time volunteer projects to those requiring a more significant time commitment. Our goal is to make volunteering accessible to everyone and to help you or your team connect your interest and passion to a community need. We engage thousands of Central Texans in volunteerism annually and empower people to make volunteering a regular part of their lives.

Austin is a rapidly growing community, drawing in more than 150 new residents every day. Like many growing urban areas, Austin also has an increasing number of residents struggling to make ends meet.

The path to poverty starts at an early age when children from low-income households do not have the same access to opportunities as their more advantaged peers.

Nearly half of Austin children under six years old are currently living in
low-income households.

A family of four making less than $50,000 per year is considered low-income. In the Austin Area, that’s almost 40,000 children.

Without support, the cycle of poverty will continue for generations.


Every dollar counts – just like every person in our community. Your contribution supports the building blocks of better lives and a stronger community.


Your voice matters. We’re galvanizing the community to speak out for change and providing platforms for you to take meaningful action.


We make volunteering accessible to everyone and help you or your team connect your interest and passion to a community need.

Poverty is a complex issue affecting everyone in our community and it will take all of us to find a lasting solution. We rely on the groundbreaking support of some of Austin’s most influential leaders and companies including the generosity of people like you.

United Way is committed to making Austin a thriving community for all and we will not waver in our mission until everyone has an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential.   

Contact United Way For Greater Austin:


For more information about volunteering contact

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