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How This Dallas Company Targets Display Window Ads to You


This story comes from Texas Standard.

Remember the movie Minority Report? It’s kind of like that…

Imagine you’re doing a little window shopping and suddenly the ad on a screen in front of you changes… a cold front has blown through, so instead of showing iced coffee, it shows a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

This is the type of advertising that a Dallas Startup is at the forefront of. Glass-Media’s technology also has some ability to recognize you – or at least tell your age and gender.

Daniel Black is the company’s co-founder and CEO.

How it works:“Using a projection technology, as opposed to hanging an ugly TV in a window, we actually digitize the storefront glass with a type of projection film, and it gives us the ability to make any shape or size on the glass, connect it to the internet, and have it come alive and give the retailer the ability to control it.”

How it targets you:

“We have cameras on many of our installations. And we do something called audience measurement as opposed to facial recognition. Facial recognition is where we’re actually building a database of faces – we don’t do that – we choose to use pixel data. So what we can do is we can actually put you in one of four age groups and deliver content based on whether you’re a young child or an older adult.”

Why Glass-Media moved from California to Dallas:

“We made the decision to move here as opposed to the Bay area for a few reasons. The first one was the low cost of living – from California it’s very, very expensive. The second one, which was the biggest motivation, is that all of our customers are here… And then the great thing, too, is that there is a lot of talent here between UT in Austin and then UT Arlington and a number of schools in Dallas – there’s a lot of program and talent coming out. And, last but not least, is that Dallas is a high-growth startup community. The city is really putting in both money and time in helping startups grow.”

Laura first joined the KUT team in April 2012. She now works for the statewide program Texas Standard as a reporter and producer. Laura came to KUT from the world of television news. She has worn many different hats as an anchor, reporter and producer at TV stations in Austin, Amarillo and Toledo, OH. Laura is a proud graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, a triathlete and enjoys travel, film and a good beer. She enjoys spending time with her husband and pets.
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