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Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: There's a War On Cops and The Media 'Are Not in the Police Officers' Corner'

Marjorie Kamys Cotera/Texas Tribune

From Texas Standard

There was an execution-style murder of a Houston deputy last week. Two days later, an off-duty officer in Abilene was found dead at his home. It was ruled a homicide.

The next day, a Chicago officer was killed responding to a distress call. On walls in Houston there is graffiti of two emoji; on one side, the head of a police officer. On the other, a gun pointed at it.

Police and officials from New York to Houston have linked the death of Houston Deputy Darren Goforth to the Black Lives Matter protest movement focused on how police use excessive, sometimes lethal, force against African-American citizens.

The County Sheriff of Milwaukee calls these recent events a “war on police.” And the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, agrees. 

Patrick has issued a statement – and a longer Facebook post – calling these events a “morbid reality” for law enforcement officers.