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Austin is no longer pursuing a 100-bed shelter in South Austin and could opt instead to provide housing in motels for homeless Austinites.

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The City of Austin hired a third-party investigator to look into allegations of racism against former Austin Police Assistant Chief Justin Newsom, who abruptly retired from the department last week after 23 years with APD.

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Gov. Greg Abbott's office said the state will use 5 acres of state land at U.S. Highway 183 and Montopolis Drive as a temporary campsite for homeless Austinites. The site would serve as a stopgap until a privately backed effort brings a temporary shelter online in the downtown area.

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A day after clearing encampments outside the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, Austin police on Tuesday arrested a man for allegedly violating the city's new camping ban near the downtown shelter.

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Crystal Harris cares about two things – a blanket and a teddy bear that belonged to her mother, who died two years ago. This morning, the 24-year-old homeless Austinite was prepared to fight for both of them.

Temporary shelters and materials gathered under an overpass at Ben White Boulevard and Victory Drive could be cleared out by the Texas Department of Transportation Monday, according to the governor's office.
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Gov. Greg Abbott's office says it's forging ahead with cleanups of homeless encampments under overpasses in Austin.

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Every Walls is a company man.

The 73-year-old veteran served in the Army in Vietnam. He follows rules, and he follows chain of command. He also shares a camp across the street from the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) with a friend.

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Gov. Greg Abbott's office says the Austin City Council has taken a "meaningful step" to address homelessness after its vote to partially reinstate a camping ban last night, but said he's going to ask the Texas Department of Transportation to clean up camps under bridges.

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The Austin City Council reinstated partial bans on camping, sitting and lying down in public on Thursday. After hours of debate, Council approved the new ordinance on a 7-4 vote.

Julia Reihs / KUT

The Austin City Council is set to vote today on an ordinance that could reinstate bans on camping and resting in public. The vote comes after months of scrutiny and outright divisiveness after Council voted to rollback its previous ordinances in June.

A homeless encampment outside the Salvation Army downtown on Sept. 26.
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The Austin City Council discussed reinstating bans on camping and resting in public Tuesday ahead of a vote at its Thursday meeting. The deliberation comes as the city faces the threat of state intervention from Gov. Greg Abbott and withering criticism on social media from opponents of rules it adopted this summer, rolling back restrictions on camping, sitting and lying down in public. 

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Gov. Greg Abbott doubled down on his threat to intervene over Austin's homelessness ordinances. 

Lori Pampilo Harris, the city's chief officer in charge of reducing homelessness
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A month after her first official day on the job, Austin's homeless strategy officer, Lori Pampilo Harris, is quitting.

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Homelessness in Austin isn't new.

But the Austin City Council's June vote to roll back ordinances criminalizing the behavior of homeless people has brought new focus on the issue. The Council has since updated its rules to reinstate bans on camping and resting in public.

How to deal with homelessness has been as divisive as it is crucial to the future of Austin. So, we've collected a handful of opinions espoused over the last few months.

Assistant Austin Police Chief Justin Newsom speaks with Tanya Bullman and James McPherson
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Threats of state intervention, confusion on the part of officers and indecision on the dais at City Hall have all led the Austin Police Department to rethink how it enforces laws regulating where people can sit, lie down and camp in public. 

A man sits in a homeless encampment outside the Salvation Army downtown.
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Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said police are going to retool how they enforce laws that prohibit obstruction of sidewalks and public spaces and that he has asked the city to revert back to old rules on homelessness while it considers revising ordinances passed in June.

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Gov. Greg Abbott says he's prepared to "unleash the full authority of every state agency" if Austin doesn't address issues surrounding homelessness by Nov. 1. 

The Austin Convention Center
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There's an election this November. You'll have a slew of state constitutional propositions to decide on, but at the city level you'll have just two.

Here's what they'll do.

The Austin Resource Center for the Homeless
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Starting today, Austin’s homeless shelter is officially a housing-focused shelter, shifting its resources to longer-term efforts and less on day-to-day emergency shelter operations.

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The Census Bureau released the latest batch of data from its American Communities Survey last week. The survey offers a glimpse into economic indicators, demographic shifts and population numbers.

It's a lot.

Here are a few items that stood out. 

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Manchaca Road is no more.

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to block the City of Austin from changing the name of the South Austin road to honor a Texas revolutionary.

A homeless encampment near the Salvation Army downtown.
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Mayor Steve Adler says the Austin City Council doesn't necessarily need to revise rules passed in June that effectively legalized camping, siting and lying down in public.

Toxic algae found at Red Bud Isle
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Blooms of blue-green algae on Lady Bird Lake persist, city officials said Wednesday.

After a brief decline in the neurotoxin-laden algae at Red Bud Isle, the Austin Watershed Department says, another swath of algae is covering as much as a quarter of the surface.

Pu Ying Huang for KUT

The Austin City Council on Friday declined to revise rules passed in June that rolled back ordinances that banned camping, sitting or lying down in public. Council members may take up the measures again next month.

The Travis County Appraisal District's website
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The Travis County Appraisal District said its computer systems were hacked Sept. 11 in a ransomware attack, but there's no evidence any data from appraisals was compromised. The district said it didn't pay any money to the attackers. 

Austin City Council members heard testimony on revisions to its homelessness rules ahead of an expected vote Friday that could reinstate restrictions on camping and resting in public.

A tent and other belongings under an overpass.
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City leaders have a new proposal to regulate behavior related to homelessness ahead of a possible City Council vote that could happen as soon as Wednesday.

Danny Boura lives under an overpass at Ben White Boulevard.
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Austin City Council members have presented plans to roll back city laws passed in June that effectively allowed camping, sitting or lying down in public. Council members will consider the changes, which limit that behavior at specific locations, at their Sept. 19 meeting.

A homeless encampment under a bridge
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Austin's third forum on homelessness this summer began with a benediction, of sorts, from moderator Jack Musselman: that all people are created in God's image, and that the forum, hosted by St. Edward's University, would be civil and comport to the university's Catholic mission.

The guy from InfoWars apparently wasn't there for that benediction.

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City officials released additional guidelines Friday on how to limit homeless encampments in Austin – including spatial limitations on sidewalks and along waterways. The memo from the city manager and the Homeless Strategy Office is meant to guide the Austin City Council as it rolls out a plan to limit resting and camping in public.