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Daniel Reese is a photography intern at KUT News. He is a student at Ohio University.


With Austin shattering the record for triple digit days in a single year, we wondered what it was like to work in some of the coldest jobs in Austin. KUT photography intern Daniel Reese produced this video on ice resurfacer Brandon Brewer with Chaparral Ice.

With Austin shattering the record for triple digit days in a single year, we wondered what it was like to work in some of the coldest jobs in Austin. KUT photography intern Daniel Reese produced this video on ice sculptor Doug Christy of Amazing Ice Designs.

Photo by Daniel Reese for KUT News

Leander residents whose homes were destroyed by a 30 acre wild fire yesterday have been allowed back into the area.  Fifteen mobile homes in the Horseshoe Trailer Park were consumed by flames. Michael Smolenski lived in one of them with his teenage daughter.

“This all we can afford. Now it was a decent place to live, but it’s gone now. Nothing left," he said.

People got a chance to climb aboard the possible future of Austin's mass transit system on Thursday. Kinkisharyo, a Japanese-based streetcar manufacturer, is taking its new prototype on an American tour.

The streetcar runs on a combination of power from batteries and overhead wires, storing energy when the train brakes and eliminating the need for overhead wires in parts of the route, Kinkisharyo project manager Bill Kleppinger said.

For the past sixteen months, a project to beautify East 7th Street has plagued local businesses.  Construction to improve safety and utilities limited access to restaurants, tax consultants, and convenience stores.  Now that the streets look nicer with fresh paint and new plants, some business owners are wondering if it was all worth it.


The Austin Zoo has a new addition. His name is Jason, and he’s learning to box.

The one-and-a-half-year-old red kangaroo, made his zoo debut this week. Georgetown animal control confiscated him from a man who bought the marsupial illegally. Head zookeeper Sara King says zoo staff are helping him adjust to his new home.

Photo by Dan Reese for KUT News

There are CowParade exhibits in 75 cities in 30 countries on 6 continents. And now, in Austin. Forty-seven cow sculptures were installed all over town last night to the surprise of Austinites this morning. Before the exhibit's finished there will be 100-150 cows all over Austin. The cows were all created by local artists and will be auctioned off to raise money for the Dell Children's Medical Center in the fall.


The former Tower Records building on The Drag is undergoing a renovation to house three new eateries, and owners are preserving the building's artwork, which has become a landmark for University of Texas students and Austinites.

Local artist Federico Archuleta created his first set of murals in 2003, at the intersection of 24th and Guadalupe. He used stencils and spray paint to portray iconic artists such as Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Photo by Daniel Reese for KUT News

It's every baseball player's dream: To be picked from the crowd at an open tryout at your hometown ball park to play for your favorite Major League team.

Scouts for the defending American League Champion Texas Rangers did just that Wednesday morning, holding  open tryouts for all positions at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. Not surprisingly, many came out for a chance to show their talents to professional baseball scouts. The Horton family came from Crawford, Texas for the opportunity.

One of Austin's newest family attractions, Jumpoline, is taking the idea of a trampoline to the next level.  First of all, it's indoors and air conditioned, making it an option for parents who want to take their kids out of the merciless Texas summer heat. Secondly, the trampoline is massive; it spans close to 10,000 square feet.

Jumpoline opened Saturday and is located on the corner of Wells Branch and MoPac. It's open from 10 am to 8 pm.  General manager Lucy Kim said the hours will be extended once construction is fully complete.

Kim said she and her husband Jason Kim, president and CEO of Jumpoline, always wanted to have this kind of business.

Photo by Daniel Reese for KUT News

A bill to hold teenage minors accountable for sending sexually explicit images of them or other minors without subjecting them to felony child pornography or trafficking charges now has Governor Rick Perry's signature.

Senate Bill 407, the so-called "Sexting Bill," was sponsored by State Senator Kirk Watson, D-Austin.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said he praised the "common-sense law that holds wrongdoers accountable – but does not impose life-altering consequences."

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San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro announced today that City Public Service's Deely coal-fired plant will be shut down by 2018.  CPS Energy, San Antonio's publicly-owned utility, will turn to solar power announcing agreements with five investment partners, committing to meet 20% of its energy needs through renewable energy by 2020. 

"Today is the beginning of San Antonio's effort to become the 'new energy economy' city," said Mayor Castro in a live webcast today.

The CPS Deely plant is the first publically-owned coal plant announced to retire in Texas.

Photo by Daniel Reese for KUT News

The Texas Memorial Museum will be closed for about 4 months starting today. The air handling system needs to be repaired.

Margaret Fischer, the director of museum operations, told KUT that replacing the system was strongly recommended by the University of Texas’ facilities management staff to avoid unplanned closures in the future.

During the maintenance, the air conditioning will be turned off on all but one floor where the employees will continue normal hours. They will move their offices to a higher floor to avoid the heat.