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Matt Largey is the Projects Editor at KUT. He previously worked at WBUR in Boston. His work has appeared on many national radio shows. He's won numerous awards for his reporting, including a national Edward R. Murrow award in 2013. He’s originally from Maine, but has lived in Austin since 2006. While it might sound hard to believe, he thinks Maine and Texas are remarkably similar.

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Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

Early voting in the 2020 Texas primaries runs from Feb. 18 until Feb. 28, and before you head to the polls, make sure you know your rights as a voter.

Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / KUT

Join Texas Standard, KUT, KVUE-TV and The Texas Tribune for a debate with the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. 

The top of the Independent in downtown Austin, as seen during the day.
Luis Perales for KUT

The top of the Independent (the Jenga tower, to many) has been the subject of debate since it was finished last year. Tonight, though, the building near the corner of West Avenue and Third Street will look a little different. 

Schmutz on a car door Friday afternoon.
Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

Many Central Texans woke up Thursday morning to a delightful sight: a light covering of snow on roofs and cars. But after it melted, what was left was decidedly less delightful: a layer of grime on the car.

Hazel O'Neil / KUT

Perhaps especially in an election year, we need stories about bridging differences and seeing the world from another perspective. 

We're teaming up with the Austin Public Library Foundation for a storytelling project called Common Ground

Over the coming weeks, we’re inviting you to craft personal stories of overcoming differences with others — whatever that might mean to you — at one of a series of creative writing workshops.

Tim Miller, owner of Millberg Farm in Kyle, talks with KUT's Mose Buchele on January 22nd, 2019.
Julia Reihs / KUT

In 2018, KUT committed to tracking the gender, race or ethnicity, and expertise of the sources you hear in our local news reporting. We asked each source to tell us how they identify. The goal was to see how well we are doing in reflecting the diversity of our community — making sure we’re truly representing everyone in Central Texas.

Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT

Curious about the candidates running in the March 3 primaries in Texas?

Join KUT, Good Politics, MOVE Texas, USTomorrow and the Austin Monitor for a night dedicated to learning about the people who want to represent you (but in a fun way).

Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from under the Congress Avenue bridge.
Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT

This has been a big year for our ATXplained project. We answered more than 20 audience questions about Austin's people, places and culture. Here's a look back at some of the most popular stories we produced so far. 

Hazel O'Neil

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Friends: Last year, our ATXplained project brought seven brand-new stories based on your questions to the stage.

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT


Friends: Last year, our ATXplained project brought seven brand-new stories based on your questions to the stage.

John Lawhon
Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT

When Christine Hannon was getting married a few years ago, she found herself at her local post office on East Sixth Street a lot.

The Crestview neighborhood
Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

A state appeals court has declared some elements of Austin's rules governing short-term rentals unconstitutional, including provisions banning non-owner-occupied rentals and occupancy limits.

Defense Distributed had been in a years-long legal battle in federal court in Austin over the legality of publishing the plans online.
Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

A federal judge in Washington state is overturning a settlement between the federal government and Austin-based Defense Distributed that allowed the company to publish plans for 3D-printable guns online last year. 

Nathan Bernier / KUT

Many Central Texas school districts have announced delayed openings this morning, as temperatures dip below freezing and ice has been reported on some roadways in the Austin area.

Georgetown resident Kalena Powell has our final Library Love Story.
Julia Reihs / KUT

Libraries can be many things. A place of learning. Of relaxation. Of belonging.

We teamed up with Austin's Library Foundation to collect people's stories about what libraries mean to them for a series called Library Love Stories.

In our last story, Kalena Powell tells the story of finding support throughout her life at her local library.

For Pat Sartor, the public library is a place of 'belonging'.
Julia Reihs / KUT

Earlier this year, KUT partnered with Austin's Library Foundation to gather your stories about what the public library means to you. We selected a few of the writers to come record their essays at KUT.

Today, we hear from Austinite Pat Sartor.

If you've ever thought you would have better answers than your elected leaders, here's your chance to prove it. 

KUT and the Austin Monitor are pitting a group of City Council members against their fellow Austinites in a test of knowledge starting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at the North Door on Brushy Street.

We'll also watch the Democratic presidential debate after trivia — so join us for drinks, trivia and debate watching!

RSVP here.

Richard Tuttle, a longtime school crossing guard in Southeast Austin, died last week.
Lynda M. González / KUT

At the intersection of Palo Blanco and Pleasant Valley, near Mendez Middle School, there’s a makeshift memorial: Signs, balloons, candles and handwritten notes have been hung to pay homage to the man who guided school kids to safety at that intersection for the past 15 years.

Sarah Ruttan is a teacher in Austin and a mom of two.
Julia Reihs / KUT

A while ago, we teamed up with Austin’s Library Foundation to collect stories about what your public library means to you.

The next Democratic presidential debate is coming up on Nov. 20. Nine candidates have qualified so far. 

Zenobia Orimoloye wrote about finding a passion for writing at the Austin Public Library for our Library Love Stories project.
Julia Reihs / KUT

A while ago, we teamed up with Austin’s Library Foundation to collect stories about what your public library means to you. 

Julia Reihs / KUT

What do libraries mean to you? Are they places of learning or imagination? Or maybe a place of belonging? 

We partnered with Austin’s Library Foundation to collect your stories about what libraries mean to you. 

Today, we hear a Library Love Story from Austinite Avani Chhaya.

Cars drive down East Seventh Street as the sun sets.
Julia Reihs / KUT

Austin is among 30 cities worldwide where emissions have peaked, according to a new analysis from a coalition of cities dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

(The Fantastic) Kent Cummins has been doing magic for 70 years.
Julia Reihs / KUT

Earlier this year, KUT partnered with Austin's Library Foundation to gather your stories about what the public library means to you. We selected a few of the writers to come record their essays at KUT. Over the next few weeks, you'll hear more of those. 

Kent Cummins has been doing magic for 70 years. He got his start as a kid growing up in Del Rio, Texas.

The deadline to register to vote in the November 2019 election is Oct. 7.
Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

Oct. 7 is the last day to register to vote in this November's local and state constitutional elections in Texas. It’s also the last day to update your address if you’ve moved since the last time you voted.  

Barton Springs Pool on Sept. 28, 2016.
Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / KUT

With unseasonably hot temperatures in Austin this fall, it’s a great time to take a swim in the city’s premier swimming hole.

Barton Springs Pool is a constant 70 degrees, more than cool enough to help you chill out no matter how hot it is outside. But that’s also chilly enough to make it kind of uncomfortable to get into at first. That led Susan Somers-Willett to ask our ATXplained project this question:

What’s the best way to enter the icy waters of Barton Springs?

LASA teacher David Walker looks out over the North Slope in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Karl Romanowicz

The Arctic is warming faster than any other place on Earth. Twice as fast.

That’s not easy to grasp when you’re thousands of miles away. But over the summer, one Austin high school teacher went to see it firsthand.

Austin Fire Department

Update at 12:28 p.m. Sunday: The Austin Fire Department tweeted that the brush fire was 90% contained. Crews were continuing to monitor the scene.

KUT's Claire McInerny interviews Huston Tillotson alum John Mays and UT PhD Candidate Gina Tillis.
Julia Reihs / KUT

KUT made a commitment last year to track the diversity of the sources you hear on the air in our local news coverage. We’re analyzing the data to break down information based on gender, race/ethnicity and the expertise of those sources. We’re nearing a full year of tracking that data on a monthly basis.

Here’s the latest on what we’ve found.

Rob Rosenthal

Earlier this month, KUT hosted the Transom Traveling Workshop, a weeklong training program for up-and-coming audio producers from all over the country. It was the workshop's first time ever in Austin, and the 10 participants were given a simple task: profile an Austinite – any Austinite – who they thought were interesting.

We had a wide range of stories that came out of that assignment. Take a listen to each of the students' stories below.