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A New Proposal to Get Around Capitol Security Lines

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Photo by KUT News
Security lines have been a hassle for many at the Texas State Capitol

Getting in to the Texas Capitol has been a bit of an issue during the 2011 Texas Legislative session.  Last year, metal detectors and x-ray machines were installed at each entrance to the building.  Anyone who isn't a lawmaker, staff member, or state concealed handgun license(CHL) holder, must now stop - and go through an airport-like checkpoint - before heading on to any office, committee hearing, or floor debate.  

For visitors, it's been an inconvenience; but they also only have to deal with it for that one trip.  The people who use the Capitol everyday -  lobbyists and journalist s-  have been a little less excited about standing in lines each time they show up.  That lead many to acquire CHL's to gain faster entry. Now a House Bill could let qualified people get a similarly scrutinized ( with background checks) ID card without having to go to the gun range.

The access card would cost about the same as the CHL - to pay for the cost of the background check - and would let holders skip the lines.