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Another Texan Announces Presidential Campaign

Picture courtesy Harold Heard
Texan Harold Heard has begun his Presidential campaign for the Republican nomination.

No, it's NOT Governor Rick Perry. It's Frisco businessman Harold Heard. He joins fellow Texan, Congressman Ron Paul in the battle for the GOP nomination.

Heard is Chief Technology Officer at Chapman Fusion, a cloud computing software company. He calls himself a Constitutional Conservative who, "...wishes to put the power of the government firmly in the hands of the United States Citizens."

Heard's press release said he's kicking off his campaign with a Midwest tour.  His website lists his philosophy for returning the USA to, "...its founding principles."

  1. Fiscal Responsibility; spending money you do not have or cannot attain, is a recipe for disaster.
  2. Limited Government; more government is not the solution to any problem.
  3. Personal Responsibility; each individual must take primary responsibility for his own well-being, and that of his family.
  4. Rule of Law; every judge and prosecutor has a duty to apply the law as written, not according to personal views.
  5. National Sovereignty; the people of a nation should determine for themselves the laws which will govern their lives.

Need a little MORE on Mr. Heard? Well here's his opening video from his campaign website.


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