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George W. Bush Impersonator Considering (Short) Leap To Rick Perry

President Bush impersonator, John Morgan, October 2008.
Mark Humphrey
President Bush impersonator, John Morgan, October 2008.

While many Americans may be somewhat alarmed, for various reasons, at the thought of Texas Gov. Rick Perry gaining the White House, don't count at least one George W. Bush impersonator among them.

All Things Considered co-host Robert Siegel talked with John Morgan of Orlando, Fla., a comic and Bush impersonator for whom Perry is like the answer to a prayer.

"I was laying in bed the other night, awake, saying my prayers and I said: "Lord, is there anything you want to tell me before I drift off?" And this thought came to my mind: ""

Yes, Morgan owns .

Not only does Perry share some of the same West Texas speaking patterns of the former president, he also has some of the same mannerisms to an uncanny degree. Which prompted Robert to ask Morgan the Bushmaster:

ROBERT: How similar are George W. Bush and Rick Perry?

MORGAN: Well, honestly, I think I'll have to study hard to find the differences.

ROBERT: They're that close?

MORGAN: Well, if you live there (in Texas) you'd think "These two guys aren't anything alike. What are you talking about? Because you don't hear the accent. But to the rest of us Americans, gosh, they're like two peas in a pod.

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