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Rick Perry's YouTube Moments Are A Rival Admaker's Dream

Has there ever been a presidential candidate who has provided as many video possibilities for negative ads to his political rivals as Texas Gov. Rick Perry?

Just from the current week, there's of course the video from Iowa of his remarks in which he threatened Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke and his comments on global warming and evolution in New Hampshire. Again, that was just this week.

But there's other, older video. There's the year 2000 video of Perry as Texas lieutenant governor when he appeared to try to pressure a police officer into not giving a speeding ticket to the driver of a car in which he was riding.

And there was the video of an off-color comment he made about a reporter who had gotten under his skin. Perry didn't realize he was still being recorded.

The Texas Tribune says these recorded moments, if nothing else, might point the shoot-from-the-lip governor to an ugly truth: "Live by the quip, die by the quip."

In any event, Perry is a veritable Texas gusher of material that can be used by his opponents for the Republican nomination. He's making their opposition research way too easy.

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Frank James joined NPR News in April 2009 to launch the blog, "The Two-Way," with co-blogger Mark Memmott.
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