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Video: Ron Paul Says Wealthy "Ripped Us Off"

Photo by ABC/Yahoo News

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul appeared in an online-only interview with ABC News and Yahoo on Tuesday morning, part of a day-long series that involves one-on-one discussions with all eight Republican presidential candidates.

Early in the 15-minute interview, Paul resumed his lambast of Federal Reserve policies. He reiterated his belief that government involvement in public education and welfare programs is "socialist" and his preference for privatization of most functions, including schools and transportation.

"The government created nothing. The only thing they can do is steal and rob people with a gun and forcibly transfer wealth from one person to another," he said.

Regarding national security and foreign policy, Paul said some of his closest allies in Washington are "progressives" who are against secret prisons and support habeas corpus.

When asked by ABC News Anchor Terry Moran about the public perception that Republicans tend to side with the wealthy, Paul said he is critical of a lot of millionaires and billionaires "because they've ripped us off. They got the benefits. They got the bailout. They got the benefits of the bubble ... They're part of the military-industrial complex." Paul said they should not only be taxed, but they "should also have all their benefits removed."

Watch the full interview below.

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