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Doggett Takes Victory in District 35

Photo illustration by Filipa Rodrigues for KUT News

Longtime Central Texas congressman Lloyd Doggett enjoyed a resounding victory over Democratic primary  challenger Sylvia Romo in newly drawn Congressional District 35.

With 33 percent of precincts reporting, Doggett has 68 percent of the vote. Opponent Romo called him earlier in the evening to concede.

Doggett pointed to overwhelming numbers in Travis and Hays County as key to his victory, running in a new district that winds into downtown San Antonio.

"Almost 60% of this district was an area that I had not represented, recently or at all,” Doggett tells KUT News.  “So I've devoted a little part of most weeks over the course of the last year to being here and meeting with neighborhood associations in the San Antonio area. But it really helped that while I was new to the San Antonio area I was not new to the causes of San Antonio families."


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