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Texas Senate Republicans Jump to Dewhurst's Defense

Jennifer Whitney, Texas Tribune
Lt Governor David Dewhurst will face former Solicitor General Ted Cruz in a run-off on July 31st.

Texas Republican Senators came to the defense of David Dewhurst yesterday, issuing a letter defending him from what they see as erroneous attacks from opposing candidate Ted Cruz. The letter, crafted by the Texas Senate Republican Caucus says that Cruz’s claims about Dewhurst supporting state income tax and so-called “sanctuary cities” are false. 

Cruz and Dewhurst are fighting for the Republican party's nomination to fill retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's seat. Cruz is the Tea Party favorite in the race, and he's received endorsements from the likes of Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity. He's also run aggressive attack ads against Dewhurst. 

KUT's political reporting partner the Texas Tribunereports that only Tea Party-backed Republican Senator Brian Birdwell of Granbury refrained from signing the letter. The Republican runoff is July 31st.

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