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Following a Technical Delay, Unofficial Results From Williamson County Are In

Williamson County released its unofficial elections totalsearly this morning, following a technical delay that required one of the voting machines to be read by a technician.

Following poll closures last night, one of the iVotronic machines at a Williamson County precinct malfunctioned and election administrators at the precinct were unable to access the results from that machine. Administrators called a technician to obtain the results from the machine. 

"The backlight went out on one of our voting machines and so the election judge couldn't see the screen in order to get it properly closed. And so we had a technician that had come down from Dallas to repair the machine so that we could get the votes counted from that machine," Connie Watson, Public Affairs Manager for Williamson County, says.

Around midnight, Williamson County Elections posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts that they would be posting unofficial voting totals as soon as they became available. Early this morning, (the timestamp says 2:13 a.m.) unofficial election totals were displayed on the county's election website.

Watson says those who cast a ballot at the affected precinct shouldn't worry that their vote did not count.

"All of the votes were counted and so they can feel comfortable that their votes did get counted last night," Watson says.

Because the precinct lies within the City of Austin, the technical glitch also delayed the full reporting of Austin and Travis County's unofficial election results. The Travis County clerk's website will post full unofficial results sometime today. 

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