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Dewhurst Calls for Armed Teachers

Texas Tribune

In the wake of school shootings -- Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst says he wants government-funded weapons training for teachers.  Dewhurst is asking State Senators to explore such a program and provide recommendations.

"The training involved with the concealed handgun law license is not sufficient in my judgment to have that person trained for an event involving an active shooter," Dewhurst said.

Deann Lee is the head of the Association of Texas Professional Educators. She is a gun owner and a teacher, said says she would not want to carry a weapon in her school district.

"I would not want to be one of these designees," said Lee. "Without hundreds of training hours, I would not want to be the one to make the decision necessary in such a position of responsibility. So many times these shooters are students themselves and have to make that split second decision. I just feel that law enforcement or police officers are the ones who are trained for that."

Two other Republican state lawmakers have already announced they plan to file bills that would allow school employees for freedom to carry weapons on campus.

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