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In Bipartisan Truce, House Members Pulling Amendments

Tamir Kalifa via Texas Tribune

While the Texas House began working through 267 amendments on the proposed budget Thursday morning, Democratic and Republican House members confirmed that potentially divisive amendments related to funding for women’s health are being withdrawn as part of a bipartisan truce.

“Both sides are standing down,” state Rep.Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, said.

Several of the amendments filed last week focused on the level of funding spent on women’s health services and “alternatives to abortion.” Several such amendments from state Reps. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, and an amendment by Dwayne Bohac, R-Houston, were among those being pulled down, members confirmed. 

"We're trying to prevent women's health from continuing to be a political football," Farrar said of the truce.

“I think there’s been a sincere effort to not waste time on things we know won’t pass,” state Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, said. “I think there’s been negotiations like there always is, ‘Hey if y’all don’t go forward with this, we won’t go forward with that.’”

State Rep. Yvonne Davis, D-Dallas, said amendments were pulled out of a desire to avoid unconstructive debates. Others were also pulled because the rules set up around the budget bill made them susceptible to a parliamentary tactic called a point of order that would block votes on them.

“We’re just sticking with public policy, things that will improve the direction of the state,” Davis said.

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