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PolitiFact: Do the Majority of Texans Support the Abortion Bill?

KUT News

As Lawmakers take up a abortion measure this week – we review comments made by State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson aboutabortion measure Senate Bill 5 after it died at midnight at the end of the last special session. 

KUT’s Emily Donahue and Gardner Selby of the Austin American-Statesman’s PolitiFact Texas fact checking project spoke about Patterson’s comments.

Patterson, who has said he’s running next year for lieutenant governor, reacted to the bill’s death in an email blast sent the very next morning:

"Late last night, a bill supported by a majority of the Texas Legislature and a majority of Texans, was shouted down by a rude, unruly mob who decided that the legislative process is only worthwhile when it produces something they support."

PolitiFact put that through Truth-O-Meter; specifically, focusing on whether the legislation, which was indeed backed by a majority of the Republican-dominated Legislature, had the support of most Texans.

You can find out more by listening to the segment.

Emily Donahue is a former grants writer for KUT. She previously served as news director and helped launch KUT’s news department in 2001.
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