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Poll: Most Texans Still Don't Want You to Mess with Them

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling found 78 percent of Texans agree:

Don't Mess with Texas.

Nine percent say people should mess with Texas, and 13 percent are unsure.

That's one of thirty questions asked to 500 registered voters in the state last week. Overall, the poll found  Texas is becoming more liberal on some issues and support for some Republican senators dropped – but the chances of the state going blue in the near future is slim.

Although Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s favorability dropped, he's still a favorite  for reelection. Cornyn leads all potential 2014 rivals by at least seven percent, including former Houston Mayor Bill White, Sen. Wendy Davis, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, and Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Looking ahead to the 2016 presidential race, Sen. Ted Cruz is the ideal choice for Republicans in his home state with 27  percent of the vote. Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential dream appears impossible, with only 18 percent of Texas Republicans saying Perry would get their vote.

The survey also took Texan's pulse on recent issues before the U.S. Supreme Court, including gay marriage and the Voting Rights Act.

63 percent of those surveyed think gay couples should be able to marry or form civil unions, but only 34 percent believed same sex marriage should be legal in Texas. And 75 percent of those surveyed did not think employers should be allowed to discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation.

A majority of those polled disagreed with the court's decision regarding the Voting Rights Act. 29 percent supported the decision. The court struck down a major provision of the act that decided which states are required to get federal approval for any voting changes. 

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