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Democrats are just nine seats away from taking control of the Texas House. If they win those seats, the GOP trifecta in Texas would be broken. We'll talk about how we got here and what a Democratic flip means for Texas.

The Big Flip: How A Democrat-Led Texas House Could Change Redistricting – Or Not

A map of congressional districts in Austin showing most are red and represented by Republicans.
Hazel O'Neil for KUT

Part three in a four-part series on the 2020 fight for control of the Texas House

KUT’s Mose Buchele explains what a Democratic-controlled Texas House next year could mean for who represents you for the next 10 years. Because next year is a redistricting year, a Democratic takeover of the House means Democrats would be able to help shape the political future of the state by having a seat at the table as political boundaries are drawn for the next decade.

The Big Flip Episodes:

Find out which U.S. congressional, state legislative and state Board of Education districts you live in below. 

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