24 Things Buzzfeed Didn't Mention That Austinites ALSO Love

Jul 19, 2013

Buzzfeed this week rounded up a list of "34 Things Austinites Love." While no list, no matter how long, will include all the things every Austin-dweller enjoys, Buzzfeed's list left off more than a few local favorites.

1)   All Animal Shelters

Buzzfeed commenters don't deny that Austinites love rescuing shelter dogs. But they did point out that there's more than one place to get a four-legged friend. Besides Austin Pets Alive, Austinites can pick up a new furry family member at the Austin Animal Center, Austin Humane Society and plenty more places.

And let's not forget about CATS! Here's Quincy the shop cat at All About Music.
Credit flickr.com/fuzzy

2)   Supporting Local Businesses

Austin is home to some cool local businesses – just ask any Austinite. Some of these businesses have spawned chains and even branched out nationwide. Heard of the Alamo Drafthouse? Other local businesses such as Waterloo Records are still all ours. And who doesn't love a record store that doubles as a live music venue?

Waterloo heavily features music from local artists.
Credit flickr.com/in_rainbows69/

3)   South by Southwest

OK, so we might complain about the influx of people who visit during March. And we might even rent out our homes so that we can make a few bucks and avoid the extra traffic. But like it or not, "South by" helped put Austin's music scene on the map. And as this Buzzfeed commenter notes, Austinites love the free beer and events SXSW brings.

This HDR shot of SXSW 2012 maaaaaybe begins to capture the insanity downtown.
Credit John Rogers photography, flickr.com/14436113@N04

4)   More Breakfast Tacos

Torchy's, Tacodeli ... Sure, we all have our breakfast taco favorites. And it's apparent from the laments left by Buzzfeed commenters that more than a few great spots were left off the list. Tamale House on Airport Boulevard deserves a special shoutout. 

Simple perfection, starting at 85 cents a pop.
Credit flickr.com/bookgrl

5)   Diners

We don't just eat tacos – or barbecue for that matter. We also enjoy anything that we can eat in the wee hours. Kerbey Lane, Magnolia Cafe, Star Seeds Cafe and 24 Diner are open all day and night. And if you’ve never been to one of these Austin eateries after midnight, you’ve never really been at all.

Magnolia's is one of the popular 24-hour restaurants in town.
Credit flickr.com/cc_chapman/

6)   The Drag

Also known as Guadalupe. Also pronounced "guad-a-loop." It's right across from the University of Texas at Austin. Grab some UT gear at the Co-op, eat at one of dozens of restaurants, dodge a drag-rat. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

The Drag, located on Guadalupe, has restaurants and shopping right on campus.
Credit John http://www.flickr.com/photos/epyonmx/

7)   Mount Bonnell

If you’re looking for a peaceful, beautiful place to escape in Austin, Mount Bonnell is one of them. It overlooks Lake Austin and you might have it all to yourself.

Mount Bonnell offers one of the most beautiful views in the city.
Credit flickr.com/atmtx

8)   Complaining

Every Austinite has a story about the good ol’ days when they arrived – even if it was last week. So from sneering at people who are moving here to complaining about I-35, we love grousing.

This sign posted outside of Beerland over SXSW 2010 went, as the kids say, "viral." (We've edited some of the language.)
Credit flickr.com/ekai

9)   Democrats

The People's Republic of Austin. The blue island in the red sea. The blueberry in the tomato soup. Take your pick, but liberals tend to flock here.

Yes, this was a real thing outside the Alamo Drafthouse.
Credit flickr.com/davidhillphoto

10)   Claiming people who aren’t actually from Austin

Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughn are iconic musicians who played in Austin a lot, but technically they’re not from here.

Stevie Ray at sunrise on Lady Bird Lake.
Credit flickr.com/birzer

11)   Protecting the Environment

Recycling is growing and trying to keep up with the population increase. If you’re interested in volunteering, Keep Austin Beautiful has some opportunities. You can take it a step further at the Ecology Action warehouse

Pretty much your typical Austin recycling bin.
Credit flickr.com/misti_k

12)   Bookstores

BookPeople always has an author, speaker or event going on. Austin Books & Comics has a great selection of old favorites. And don't forget Texas-born Half Price Books.

Local bookstore Book People regularly hosts authors and community events.
Credit flickr.com/drmillerlg

13)   Restaurants on the Lake

Let’s eat: The Oasis, Hula Hut, Carlos N’ Charlie’s and Hudson’s on the Bend offer dining right on the water. Happy now, Buzzfeeder

Austinites love getting a view of the lake while enjoying their favorite local cuisine.
Credit flickr.com/wyscan

14)   East Sixth Street

Dirty Sixth has its crowds, but east of the highway is an increasingly popular alternative for going out filled with bars, restaurants, food trailers and much more. 

Austinites can escape the usual crowds at eastside lounges like Rio Rita.
Credit flickr.com/rutlo

15)   Gluten-Free Eating

Who's this Gluten guy, and why does he get to eat for free everywhere in Austin? Austin is health conscious and many restaurants offer gluten-free options - from breads to deserts. 

Like this gluten-free mascarpone cheesecake from Enoteca on South Congress.
Credit flickr.com/victrolastudio

 16)   A Love/Hate Relationship with Texas

Texans are incredibly proud of their state, but sometimes you can’t just say that you are from Texas. You’re from Austin, Texas.

Texans are proud of their state, Austinites included.
Credit Jack http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmtimages/

17)  Thundercloud Subs

Long before Austin was the foodie capital it is now, there was Thundercloud. I'll take a California Club, both types of cheese and extra Thundersauce, please. (Disclaimer: Thundercloud is a KUT sponsor.)

This local eatery offers a tasty alternative to your usual sandwich.
Credit flickr.com/salisasaki

18)  Chicken Poop Bingo

Yes, it's exactly like it sounds. At Ginny's Little Longhorn

Featuring music from Dale Watson.
Credit Lindsay Patterson, KUT

19)  The Bullock Museum

If you grew up here (in the 1990s, at least), you probably went to the museum once or twice as a kid. If you still live here, you've probably been recently to catch a movie at the IMAX theater. (It's one of the real, full-size screens.)

The Bob Bullock Museum features popular films in its full-size IMAX theater.
Credit Bob Shrader http://www.flickr.com/photos/oldradioguy/

20)  Kids

Just as you can take your dog anywhere, you can pretty much do the same with a child. Austin has always been a family-friendly city.

At Zilker Park, parents can take their kids to ride the train.
Credit imelda http://www.flickr.com/photos/imelda/

21)  Farmers Markets

North, south, east and west, there are plenty of farmers markets dotted over Austin. Craft foods sit alongside fresh fruits and veggies. Getting hungry yet? 

Austinites sample the fresh produce available at local farmers markets.
Credit flickr.com/counse

22)  The “Lamar Street Art Gallery”

New art pops up here daily for northbound commuters. It’s usually painted over in a day or two – only for new stuff to appear. 

One shot of the "gallery" on Lamar Boulevard just south of Fifth Street, since painted over countless times.
Credit Wells Dunbar, KUT News

23)   The New Zach Theater 

Sure, Austin's an arts-friendly city, but it didn't have a world-class theater of its own until the new Topfer opened up. 

The Zach Topfer Theatre, formerly known as Zach Scott, always has a show for the adults or the whole family.
Credit Filipa Rodrigues KUT

24) Texas Friendliness 

A smile or a head nod from a stranger is pretty common in Austin.

Austin's charm has made it one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation.
Credit flickr.com/StuSeeger

Let us know: What did we – or Buzzfeed – miss?