55 Blood Warrants Issued Over Austin's 'No Refusal' Weekend

Jul 8, 2013

It was a long holiday weekend for Austin Police:  APD made 99 arrests in an increased effort against drunk driving.

July 4 through the morning of July 7 marked a no-refusal enforcement for ​Austin Police. DWI suspects who refused a breath or blood test had to submit a blood sample under a search warrant. There were 55 warrants issued for blood samples over the weekend.

"Our goal is to have no crashes, no injuries, no deaths related to persons driving while intoxicated," Senior Police Officer Veneza Bremner said.

Austin Police have conducted similar anti-DWI efforts over the Memorial Day weekend and during the Republic of Texas Biker Rally. High traffic times of the year like holidays and big celebrations are common times for the policy, Bremner said.

The next no-refusal period is likely to be over the Labor Day Weekend starting at the end of next month.