Austin Police Cracking Down on Hazardous Driving Memorial Day

May 21, 2013


Last year’s Memorial Day weekend saw 191 car crashes, one death and 99 injuries, said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. 

This year, APD, state police, and nearby counties are collaborating to counter hazardous driving, in an effort to make holiday weekends less destructive on Central Texas roads.

“This holiday weekend, what we expect people to do, is we expect ‘em to obey the law, wear their seatbelts, not drink and drive – and more importantly, get home," Acevedo said at a press conference today. "Arrive at your destination alive.”

Memorial day will also a be a No-Refusal weekend. Officers in the initiative will also focus on the ROT Rally, July 4, and Labor Day holidays. Recent years have seen a spike in traffic-related fatalities in Austin.