City Council Inks Deal to Add Ten Miles of Bike Lanes

Oct 29, 2010

Bicycle enthusiasts are reacting with glee to an Austin City Council vote yesterday that approved a deal to build ten miles of bike lanes in Austin.

The deal between the city and the Texas Department of Transportation will see the two split the bill for $1.1 million. TxDOT's share of the cash is coming from the federal government's Transportation Enhancement Program.

"This is a huge deal and a great deal for the City of Austin, because essentially they're getting twice as much bike lane mileage for their money," League of Bicycling Voters board member Rob D'Amico told KUT News. "We think it will help the city move faster with bike lane implementation."

The 10 miles of bike routes are being built as part of the city's Bicycle Master Plan. You can see where the lanes will be built on this map.