City Selects Semifinalists for Police Monitor

Nov 5, 2010

The City of Austin has selected six semifinalists today for the police monitor position. The nominees, who will be interviewed for the position on November 12th, are:

Cristina Beamud, who is the executive director of the City of Atlanta Citizen Review Board.

Rebecca Bernhardt, a contact researcher at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation in Houston. She is also a policy director of the Texas Defenders Service.

Ann del Llano, a family law attorney and owner of the Capitol City Solutions.

Margo Frasier, a senior associate of MGT of America, which is a national management and consulting firm in criminal justice and public safety, education, and state and local government.

Brian Johnson, an assistant attorney general and deputy director of the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit for Texas and the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

Renita Sanders, who is an assistant police monitor of the City of Austin.

By Jesica Botero