Enjoy Literature and Booze at One Page Salon

Jun 27, 2014

Owen Egerton

A couple of years ago, enthralled with the idea of salons where writers could meet, drink, and discuss their work, Owen and Jodi Egerton decided to start one of their own. At first they'd invite other writers to their home, but quickly realized that this was an event that needed sharing.

Now, Owen hosts the monthly One Page Salon at the Whip In. The first Tuesday of every month, he invites a handful of fellow artists — fiction writers, screenwriters, songwriters, even photographers and improvisers — to join him onstage and share one page of a work in progress.

Everyone knows that these are unfinished works, so the pressure of perfection is lifted. Also, it's held in a bar, so the alcohol flows and things are kept light and lively.

The next edition of One Page Salon will be Tuesday, July 1, and the scheduled guests include Bob Schneider, Laura Moore, Les McGehee, Carla Cook, Louisa White, Kath Barbadoro, and Alexandra Thomas.

One Page Salon at the Whip In