'Every Floor Was A COVID-Positive Floor': Two Austin Nurses Travel To A Hard-Hit Detroit Hospital

May 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every doorstep of every home in every part of the world. But the reality is some cities are being hit harder than others. New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. Detroit. There, the crisis is overwhelming hospitals and leaving health care workers depleted. 

Compared to these cities, things are relatively calm in Austin. That's why two registered nurses at Ascension Seton Northwest decided they wanted to do more. Married couple Leo and Rocio Nunez traveled to Detroit and spent two weeks working at a local hospital with a surge of COVID-19 patients. 

“I have seen how fast this virus takes somebody's life,” Rocio said. “From a person just getting admitted three hours ago, to now they’re on a respirator, to now we’re calling the family to say [they’re] gone.”

Listen to their story: