Experience 'Salvador Dali's Naked Feast'

Oct 22, 2015

This Saturday night, The Vortex is hosting 'Salvador Dali's Naked Feast," a performance/cocktail party that will also serve as a fundraiser for the upcoming Vortex season.

The entire Vortex compound (which now includes the theater space itself, the Butterfly Bar,  and Patrizi's Italian Restaurant) will be overtaken by the party, which will feature aerial performances, live music, dance, food, cocktails, and more. 

It's meant to be a surreal experience, influenced by the art and aesthetic of Spanish painter Salvador Dali. And, in a pretty big coup, they've convinced the great artist to overlook his 1989 death and travel to Austin to serve as the host of the party.

As the name would imply, 'Salvador Dali's Naked Feast' will also feature a fair number of naked people as part of the festivities, so it's obviously for mature audiences only.

Experience 'Salvador Dali's Naked Feast' at the Vortex this Saturday night.