Get Involved Spotlight: CareBox Program

Nov 1, 2016

From CareBox Program, this month's Get Involved spotlight non-profit:


CareBOX Program provides free essential care supplies to cancer patients to help prevent malnutrition, infections, and injuries from falls.

Who We Are

Cancer has a physical, emotional, and financial impact on
everyone who has the disease. The CareBOX Program is an
innovative Austin based non-profit launched in October 2014 to
 address a serious gap in cancer care for patients in the Central
 Texas region. Patients are invited to build a custom wishlist of
 care supplies from a list of 40 items, specific to their needs, based on their diagnosis and effects of treatment. These are primarily items not covered by insurance and many barriers exist to the patient and their families that prevent access to the supplies they need. The CareBOX Program removes these barriers by providing supplies at no cost and delivering directly to the patient’s home.

Credit Romy Suskin Photography

CareBOXes (generally a trunk-full of supplies) include mobility items to help avoid injuries and falls, nutritional supplements to defend against malnutrition, and infection prevention supplies to prevent complex infections. CareBOX Program strives to maintain a maximum of two weeks from patient application to delivery of items, ensuring the impact is immediate. The program is open to all patients regardless of age, race, income, or type of cancer. Beyond improving the lives of the patients themselves, the program also benefits the family members and caregivers in their lives.

Credit Romy Suskin Photography

How YOU can help:

Visit to view the patient’s wishlists. The website makes it easy to read the story of a Central Texas cancer patient and donate supplies directly to them. Items fulfilled from wishlists are collected by the CareBOX Team and delivered all at once directly to the patient’s door by volunteers in the community.

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