Higher Ed: Getting Help In Education

Apr 15, 2018

Asking for help can be difficult or embarrassing sometimes, and for a variety reasons we don't always do it when we should. But the truth is, everyone needs help sometimes, including students - who can occasionally  use a hand with a tricky subject. In this episode of KUT's podcast Higher Ed, KUT's Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger discuss the most effective ways to ask for and use help in education.

Ed argues that in education, students need to seek the most effective help for them and take that assistance to heart. Listen to the full episode to hear Ed and Jennifer discuss effective help; the danger of just getting the answers without understanding what they mean; and the out-of-the-box way Ed helps his students during office hours. It is also time for a new puzzler. This one - about a mysterious collection of clues - may require some assistance to solve.

This episode was recorded Feb. 28, 2018.

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