Hold On to Your Butts: Fire Department Sees Six Cigarette Fires in One Day

Jun 28, 2012

The Austin Fire Department is reminding everyone to be extra careful to prevent grass fires.

Fire crews responded to 12 calls about small grass fires yesterday afternoon, mostly along major roads. The fire department says the flare-ups were probably caused by cigarette butts.

Travis County Commissioners put a burn ban back in effect on Tuesday. Cigarettes are not included in the burn ban, but the Austin Police Department will issue tickets for littering to anyone they see improperly dispose of their butts.

According to the Travis County Fire Marshall’s office, fireworks are also excluded from the ban. However, fireworks are still not allowed to be sold or lit inside city limits.

The fire department urges residents to prevent fires this summer by lighting fireworks away from vegetation, keeping cars off dry grass and throwing away cigarettes, charcoal and other flammables in fire-proof locations.