Images from Shuttle Columbia Debris Recovery

Oct 26, 2010

KUT is in the middle of broadcasting a weeklong series about the US space shuttle program. NASA is retiring the shuttle in early 2011, and we are reporting on what the program has meant to Texas and what its cancellation will mean for our future.

Today, KUT's Mose Buchele reported on LBJ and the roots of the shuttle program. On Monday, we heard a sound portrait that relived highlights of the program, and an interview with a veteran reporter on how the shuttle design was a product of political compromise. Tomorrow morning, listen for Morning Edition host Jennifer Stayton's interview about the tragic loss of the Challenger and Columbia.

Texas Tribune photographer Bob Daemmrich heard our series and sent us some pictures he took in the immediate aftermath of the Shuttle Columbia disaster. He captured some amazing images of the wreckage and allowed us to upload them to our Flickr page to share with you.  Here are a few.