Jobs News Hub Statewide Newscast Editor/Producer

May 9, 2019

Job Title: Statewide Newscast Editor/Producer

Location: Austin, TX

Hiring Station: KUT-FM

NPR and its member stations are creating an innovative new system of regional news hubs designed to reshape the journalism landscape -- and the prototype is being built in Texas.

We’re looking for a Newscast Editor/Producer to build and lead a live statewide newscast operation, and to help link local, regional and national newsrooms. The Editor/Producer will be based in Austin at KUT, one of the Hub’s managing stations and home of the statewide newsmagazine “Texas Standard.” The Hub’s lead station is KERA in Dallas; the other managing stations are Houston Public Media and Texas Public Radio in San Antonio.

The Statewide Newscast Editor/Producer will oversee the production of at least six live weekday newscasts throughout the day, serving as coordinator, editor and producer.

The Editor/Producer is responsible for implementing and sustaining a workflow with the morning and afternoon newscasters that ensure a sound-rich, in-the-moment headline service.

The Editor/Producer will identify stories with statewide and national potential that are not being covered by the stations and will produce and edit spots for use in local, statewide and national newscasts. The editor/producer will coordinate with the Hub Managing Editor and Senior Editors to identify events for coverage through spot stories and more in-depth/feature reporting.

The Editor/Producer will work with the Newscasters to create and edit content for digital platforms, ensuring that the news on the radio also appears on desktop, mobile and social platforms.

During breaking news situations, the Editor/Producer may serve as the lead operations producer and may travel to coordinate operations.

This person may also serve as a backup newscaster. 


  • Lead breaking coverage for statewide newscasts.
  • Edit newscast scripts and serve as liaison to national newscast.
  • Work with statewide newscasters to arrange newscasts and with station reporters/editors to collect sound and updates for newscasts.
  • Work with station staff to identify and curate audio from feature reporting, talk shows and other programming that has statewide relevance.
  • Plan for next newscast cycles; identify stories with newscast potential, follow-up opportunities.
  • Report newscast stories as needed/assigned. Prepare daily news reports for digital platforms.
  • Responsible for sound of newscasts and performs regular airchecks.
  • Serve as chief connector for operations/engineering staffs at the four managing stations and at NPR.
  • Oversee the operation of self-op studios at four managing stations.

Required Skills:

  • At least three years in journalism.
  • Strong editing, writing and reporting skills for audio and digital platforms.
  • Strong presentation and vocal skills.
  • Ability to multitask, turn material quickly and respond to breaking news.
  • Expertise in stations operations.
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance required for assignments/activities that involve work outside of the office. Must maintain a clean driving record.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in journalism or related field or equivalent required; media or journalism degree preferred.

Preferred Skills: 

    • Public media knowledge is a plus, particularly in newscast production.
    • Experience as a newscast producer/editor.
    • Experience working in collaborative organizations.
    • Experience with and credibility in Texas journalism and/or with NPR.
    • Spanish-language skills are a plus.

    The hiring station is working with Stone Alliance to recruit for this position. If you are interested, please send an email along with your resume to