Juneteenth: 'It's Not About Eating Lunch, You're Eating History'

Jun 19, 2018

On this Juneteenth, people in Austin had a chance to get a taste of history.

The holiday celebrates Union Gen. Gordon Granger delivering news of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas in 1865, two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed it.

Angela Shelf Medearis has hosted the Lunch and Learn for the past two years.
Credit Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

Juneteenth is now the most prominent Emancipation Day in the U.S. and is celebrated by people around the world. To mark the occasion in Austin, the George Washington Carver Museum hosted the second annual Juneteenth Lunch and Learn.

Chef and author Angela Medearis prepared African, Caribbean, Texan and Southern inspired dishes including Zimbabwe rice salad, Carver-styled black-eyed peas, corn on the cob, apple cider coleslaw, fruit salad and apple streusel.

The lunch featured African, Caribbean, Texan and Southern dishes.
Credit Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT

During the lunch, participants reenacted the announcement that slavery had been abolished and sang African-American spirituals.

Gary Eargle plays Union Gen. Gordon Granger in a reenactment of the 1865 announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas. At right are brothers Joshua and Marcus Cole.
Credit Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT