Listen: The Worst Yelp Reviews of Barton Springs and Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell and Barton Springs are two of Austin's eternal treasures –unblemished reminders of Austin's natural beauty.

But to a handful of reviewers on Yelp, they're totally overrated.

Mount Bonnell's scenic overlook rates a solid four stars on Yelp; Austin's crown jewel, Barton Springs Pool, clocks in at four-and-a-half.  But proving you can't please everyone, a collection of contrary reviews offer an antithetical take on these two Austin institutions.

KUT staged dramatic readings of actual one and two-star Yelp reviews. Listen: 

Austinites certainly aren’t shy reviewers: Yelp's used Austin review data to create a map showing the most "hipster" joints in town. And while Yelp's best known for restaurant and service reviews, strange assessments aren’t limited to landmarks – folks have also reviewed Austin's jails.