Photos: Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

May 22, 2013

The city’s Public Works department has given a midterm progress report on the Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake. 

It’s over a mile of extensions and renovation to the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail east of Congress Avenue, including newly-created boardwalk sections that will extend over the lake on concrete piers. 

Project manager David Taylor says current gaps in the trail force users to run along the Riverside Drive, which is only about five feet wide. Taylor says that construction crews have installed over 200 of the 389 piers that extend into Lady Bird Lake.

“Certainly the trail users that we have surveyed have indicated that they are really looking forward to the opportunity — not just for the pedestrian use, but for the transportation use as a route from southeast Austin into the downtown area,” Taylor says.

Taylor adds thst the project is about a third of the way through, and that trail-users should expect the construction to be done by May of next year.