See 'God's Favorite' at Rounds Rock's Sam Bass Theatre

Apr 13, 2015

God's Favorite isn't Neil Simon's best known work, but it does hold a special place in the heart of director Eric Nelson. It was one of the first plays he read after entering the theater world, and he fell in love with its wit, quick pacing, and characters. It's a script he's wanted to work on in some capacity ever since, and he found the chance to direct the play at Round Rock's Sam Bass Theatre.

The play is a loose, comedic retelling of the Biblical Book of Job; modern day, godly businessman Joe Benjamin (Brett Weaver) is visited by a mysterious messenger. The message: Joe is at the center of a bet between God and Satan, during which his faith will be tested by increasing misfortune. And from that misfortune comes much of the play's humor. As Weaver says, "as things get worse, things get funnier."

God's Favorite is onstage at Sam Bass Community Theatre through May 2.