This Sketch Show is 'Doper Than Dope'

Jul 11, 2016

The cast of 'Doper Than Dope'

For the cast of Doper Than Dope, watching the early '90s sketch comedy TV show In Living Color was a formative experience. In addition to being edgy and often hilarious, In Living Color stood apart from other comedy shows of the time by featuring a cast made up primarily of people of color, which had a big impact on many of its viewers, including a young Ronnita Miller. 

"As a student of comedy," says the Doper Than Dope head writer, "it's very important to me to see people that look and act like people I know represented on screen." 

The other writers (all the cast members of Doper Than Dope pull double duty as sketch writers) concur. "It touched us and affected us and inspired a lot of our comedy today," says actor/writer Maggie Maye.

It was that love that inspired producer and director Adrienne Dawes to create a show that pays homage to In Living Color. Like its inspiration, Doper Than Dope will feature sketches, a DJ, and even a "fly girl" dance team, but it's not a recreation or a cover version -- this new live show features all new characters and sketches created by the cast. They're going for a similar feeling (the show's even vaguely set in the early '90s), but the show's all-new.

See 'Doper Than Dope' through August 6 at The Institution Theater.