Steven Weinberg: A Life in Science

Feb 12, 2014

Credit photo by Matt Valentine

Tuesday’s Views and Brews discussion on "The Elegance of Physics with Dr. Steven Weinberg" was a standing room only event. Some patient fans of the Nobel Prize winning physicist were turned away because the event was at capacity despite of the chilly and wet night.

Professor Steven Weinberg is a Nobel laureate in physics, a theoretical physicist and  an outspoken thinker on topics ranging from nuclear weapons to atheism. But this night was about Weinberg’s life, career and development – not just as a thinker, but as an artist in his field.

Weinberg’s wife Louise Weinberg was in the front row as he spoke about growing up in New York City during the depression, the chemistry set he inherited from his cousin, meeting his beautiful wife as a college student and how his theories developed throughout.

Questions from the audience revealed their palpable curiosity about the more intricate points of theoretical physics that Weinberg was excited to discuss: everything from dark matter, and randomness, to his perspective on teaching creationism in schools.

Curious for more? Listen to the audio in the player above.