Texting at Alamo Drafthouse? Mayor Leffingwell Vows To Destroy You

Jul 22, 2013

Talking or texting at any movie theater is frowned upon, but at the Alamo Drafthouse it’s an actionable offense.

For years, the Austin-based theater chain has kept audiences tight-lipped with its pre-show “Don’t Talk/Don’t Text” PSAs and ejection policies – often resulting in viral success.

The Drafthouse has enlisted Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell in its latest PSA, stoking fear in the hearts of distracting theater-goers.The message of the video is simple: If you text, or talk, Lee Leffingwell WILL destroy you.

“I strive everyday to make this town a wonderful place to live,” Leffingwell says. “That’s why when I hear about folks who leave their phone on during a movie – I will work to destroy them.”

This isn’t Hizzoner’s first time working with Drafthouse – he and former Mayor Will Wynn starred in a parody of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” in a campaign video last year.

And he’s not the only politico to feature in the Drafthouse’s on-screen pre-roll. Littleton, Colorado Mayor Debbie Brinkman starred in her own PSA when the Drafthouse opened a Denver location in March:

And late Texas Gov. Ann Richards starred as an Alamo enforcer in another PSA from years back:

Here's Mayor Leffingwell laying the smack down: