Travis County Breaks Early Voting Record In A Primary With 116,000 Voters

Feb 28, 2020

Travis County has broken its early voting record during a presidential primary election with about 116,000 votes, compared to the previous primary record of around 93,000 early voters in 2016.

Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said the county started the day Friday with about 100,000 early votes already cast and had received about another 10,000 by noon.

DeBeauvoir says about 60% of voter turnout in the county happens during early voting. This is a trend she would like to see continue to prevent lengthy lines during Election Day.

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“It’s really good that [voters] have chosen early voting because I do think we’re going to see a big, big turnout on Election Day and we’re going to see lines,” she told KUT's Ashley Lopez.

Earlier this month, Bruce Elfant, Travis County's tax assessor collector and registrar, said his office saw 95% of eligible voters registered in the county — an all-time record

If you missed out on early voting, you can vote on Election Day — "Super Tuesday" — on March 3.

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