What's Your Best Bike Route in Austin? This New App Aims to Find Out

Nov 15, 2016

A new app’s looking to improve rides for Austin cyclists by using crowdsourced input on roads. Ride Report tracks a user’s bike route and surveys them on road and safety conditions after their ride’s concluded.

A screenshot of the app.
Credit Ride Report

The app allows Austinites to plan trips throughout the city, providing suggestions on the best possible routes and conditions based on aggregate user data. After each ride, you can rate your commute “great” or “not great,” and those ratings feed the app’s so-called “stress map,” which color codes the best and worst roads and trails in the city according to the data. 

According to a blog post announcing the app’s Austin launch, the city will then use this data to determine how best to allocate resources for future funding of bike safety improvements. 

“Every 'not great' rating tells the City where dollars may be needed, and best spent," the post reads.

The app has been live in Portland, Ore., where its developer Knock, Inc. is based, since September 2015 and recently went live in Atlanta, as well