Who Has Two Thumbs and Dreams of Pulp-Noir Domination?

Aug 8, 2014

Credit nerdlocker.com

In this edition of "The Write Up," host Owen Egerton talks with the creator, writer and director of The Intergalactic Nemesis, Jason Neulander. Plus, Dr. Brett Sherman reviews The Foundations of Arithmetic by Gottlob Frege.

Jason Neulander moved to Austin in the early 1990s with nothing but a dream and motorbike. He founded The Salvage Vanguard Theater upon his arrival and went on to create theatrical experiences, not only on the stage but throughout the city.

One such project, The Intergalactic Nemesis, started at a coffee shop on Sixth Street, and has evolved into a multimedia stage production, a podcast and an online video series – so far!

In this interview, Neulander takes us through the story of how this sci-fi radio show began and it's rocky road to success.